I will mostly put up science-ey and fun and interesting physics-ey stuff here. Anything that I find counterintuitive and interesting will be here. Basically, the cool Physics. I will try my best to present it in a simple manner, as I often found it impossible to understand some of the concepts when I was young, and I want to make it better for any other interested individual.

A little bit about me –

My name is Shayarneel Kundu. As of 2017, I am 17 and starting the last year of High School. As someone incredibly interested in the cooler aspects of physics, I found it hard to find articles that explain those concepts in a non-mathematical and precise way. The texts were often hard to decipher. After studying about these concepts to a certain degree of mastery, I decided I was qualified enough to do this. I have tried my best to make these ideas easily understandable. I believe that the beauty of physics should be easily available to any interested person. This is my attempt at doing so.

Though I throw about some technical terms here and there, I will try my best to explain everything. The main aim of this blog is to encourage the reader to look up this stuff.

Contact – shayarneel@gmail.com

Be warned, I am extremely inactive on all forms of social media, so I may take some time to reply to you. However, I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Recent posts edited by Lyra Robin (obviously a pen name).

My exams are coming up, preparatory and the boards, so my uploading will be erratic. I will try my best to go at the rate of one article a month, but there may be months without any article being uploaded. I will start working on this blog full-time over summer.